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Calm Affirmations To Bring You A Sense Of Peace

When you need a sense of calm in a stressful moment, choose a couple of these affirmations to repeat for yourself over and over. A great tip is to record a list of them, over and over, and listen to yourself speaking the words out loud. I use this practice myself and it has such a massive impact on my mental health!

Calm Affirmations

50 calm affirmations list

1. My energy is so peaceful

2. I am surrounded by a bubble of love and protection

3. I choose to have a peaceful moment right now

4. I flow through life with ease and grace

5. Calm comes to me easy

6. I attract people into my life who bring me peace

7. When I am anxious, I am able to shift into calm very easily

calm affirmations

8. Each moment brings me a sense of peace and happiness

9. I welcome magic into my life

10. I inhale calm and I exhale stress

11. I give myself permission to relax

12. Whenever I need calm, I look in the mirror and appreciate myself

13. I am worthy of all of the peace that comes into my life

14. I release tension from my shoulders

15. Everything is as it should be in my life

16. I don’t need to hide, I can handle this

17. I am guided by myself, I know what is good for me

18. I am safe at this moment, all is well

19. I have everything I need right now, all is perfect

calm affirmations for inspiration

20. Calm moves through every single cell in my body

21. I now allow all of my stress to melt away

22. Each time I have an anxious thought, I acknowledge it and let it know

23. I really enjoy relaxing and I do it often

24. I can do this, one day at a time

25. I vibrate at the frequency of peace, love, and calm

affirmations about calm

26. One day at a time, I feel calmer and calmer each day

27. I consistently feel calm, and at peace

28. I am thankful for the universe for guiding me into a sense of calm

29. The energy of calm is always with me

30. I am deeply thankful for each and every single moment

31. I have so much clarity, I feel free

32. I know that I have myself, and I can guide myself into a calm space

33. My body feels settled, I feel light

34. What I need is presented to me

35. I now choose to be in peace

36. My world is a peaceful place, drama is a thing of the past

calm affirmations to repeat

37. I show up each day with actions towards my highest self

38. I feel so free, I feel so much inner peace

39. I smile each day because I know that I am protected

40. I am always willing to learn and grow and move through challenges

41. I am at peace with my past, my present, and my future

42. I now release tension from my face and my jaw

43. I’ve always got myself, I will get there

44. I am committed to my own personal recovery

45. My inner peace is my only priority right now

the best calm affirmation

46. I am committed to my personal peace

47. My energy is so precious and I protect it with love

48. I know that I am going to get there, and I will be OK

49. I am always being guided, and I trust that

calm affirmation about peace

50. I only have the desire to feel peace, love, and protection