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Forgiveness Affirmations To Help You To Move On

Forgiveness is often hard to do but can bring you so much freedom and peace; use these affirmations to help you to embody forgiveness and move on from what no longer serves. Claim your best self, and wake up each day lighter when you learn how to forgive! We hope you love the affirmations; choose the ones that speak to you and repeat them often!!

Forgiveness Affirmations

50 forgiveness affirmations list

1. It is good for me to move on and free myself from the past

2. I feel so powerful in my ability to not judge myself for my mistakes

3. I lead with love and kindness to myself and others

4. I accept that I did the very best I knew how to at the time

5. It gives me so much strength to forgive myself

6. I accept myself for exactly who I am

7. I am worthy of a wonderful life and therefore this means forgiving myself

8. It is safe for me to move on with my life

9. I trust in myself to make good decisions for myself despite my past

forgiveness affirmations

10. It is my time now to live free from guilt

11. I deserve freedom from past pain, and therefore I am open to forgiving

12. I release anything and everything that is no longer serving me

13. It is time for me to relax, and be at peace with everything that I have been through

14. I am not excusing their poor behaviour, but I don’t need to let it stop me

15. I am committed to living to my fullest potential

16. My life is valuable and therefore I give myself my full attention

forgiveness affirmations for inspiration

17. What has happened to me then, doesn’t need to stop me now

18. I have learned from all of the experiences that I have been through

19. I am grateful for how far I have come, and it is time for me to shine

20. I am willing to go with the flow of life and surrender

21. I am ready to forgive, myself, others, and circumstances that have caused me pain

22. It is my time to feel at peace with myself

23. This huge step of forgiveness is going to bring me so much freedom

24. I now choose myself, I don’t need to hold on to that anymore

25. I am excited for my future

26. I am creating a new version of myself

affirmations about forgiveness

27. I know how I want to feel, and that is free from past suffering

28. I have the strength to forgive

29. I am letting go of fear and self-doubt

30. I give myself full permission to move forward in my life

31. I flow with life, I move through situations with ease

32. I made mistakes in the past, but they do not define me, I love myself anyway

33. For all the wrongs I have done, I still have compassion towards myself

34. I live with ease, and I am relaxed

35. My life is a miracle, and I am excited to see where I go

36. I wake up each morning with excitement for my life

37. I am here for myself, every single step of the way

38. This is a great day for forgiveness

39. I have a vision for my life, and holding on to past pain does not fit in that vision

forgiveness affirmations to repeat

40. Nothing stands in my way

41. I get to choose, and I choose forgiveness

42. I am here for me, I have got me

43. I am handling it all with grace and ease and I flow with life

44. I am committed to forgiving and I become freer and freer

45. I live a fulfilled and happy life, each day I beam with pride

46. I absolutely love my life, forgiveness has set me free

the best forgiveness affirmations

47. Turbulent times have made me stronger

48. I am gentle and soft with myself always

49. I forgive others and know that what they do has nothing to do with me

forgiveness affirmation about others

50. I am comfortable and protected