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50 Love Affirmations To Help You Attract Romance

If you are trying to manifest love into your life, add these affirmations into your daily routine to uplift your spirit and create magnetic energy! You deserve fulfilling love, and you can create that for yourself if you believe it. Pick the words that speak to you, and repeat them over and over, each day, every day.

What you can see, you can have; and sometimes all it takes is for you to get out of a negative mindset and start to really believe that you are worthy of your wildest dreams!

Love Affirmations

50 love affirmations list

1. I am attracting my perfect soulmate into my life

2. I have a partner who loves me for exactly who I am

3. I am open and read for beautiful love

4. I am surrounded by beautiful romance

5. I am attracting a fulfilling relationship

6. I am making room in my life for a romantic partner

affirmations on love

7. I am ready for the best kind of love

8. I am worthy of romantic bliss

9. I am in the most exciting relationship of my life

10. The universe is providing me with a passionate relationship

11. I am with somebody kind, caring, and loving

12. I have a partner who is great at communication and who I feel relaxed with

13. I am grateful for the love in my life

14. The person I am with, adores me and treats me with respect

love affirmations

15. I deserve to be happy and relaxed in my relationship

16. My emotions feel calm in my romantic connection

17. I attract healthy relationships

18. The person I am with cares for me and puts me first

19. I am in the most passionate connection of my life

20. My person loves me so much, I receive their love with ease

21. I communicate my needs with confidence, and I am respected

22. My life is full of love, and I love myself

23. My lover is kind, supportive, and attentive

affirmations about love

24. I deserve a love that sets my soul on fire

25. It is safe for me to share my emotions with the person I am with

26. I am proud of myself for attracting beautiful connections into my life

27. I’ve never been happier, I am with someone that I love dearly and who loves me back

28. I have met somebody who treats me like gold

29. I am with somebody who makes me feel safe and secure

30. I am able to open up my heart to this person who I trust with it

31. I love being in love

32. It is time for me to welcome in my soulmate and my lifelong partner

33. I am in love with my best friend, and together we plan, play, and explore

affirmation about love

34. My life has got more exciting with this person in it

35. I am with someone who I have never felt so strongly connected to

36. I am in a relationship where I am held, understood, and cared for

37. I communicate my needs with ease, I am treated with kindness and love

38. I put past pain behind me and open myself up to expansive romantic experiences

39. I am feeling into the energy of love that is choosing me

40. I don’t need to beg or persuade in my relationship

love affirmation about begging

41. I choose myself, always, I am a magnet

42. I accept everything I have been through, and trust that the best is yet to come

43. I am in the driver’s seat of my love life

44. The universe has someone who is a match for me, and I am ready for them

45. I am with someone who wants me

46. I am the love of my life, and I am with someone who enhances my experience

love affirmation about love of my life

47. I only attract people in to my life who fully choose me

48. What is meant for me will come to me

49. I trust in myself to handle a beautiful, loving relationship

50. My dreams for my love life are coming true