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Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

If you’re struggling or have struggled with anxiety, these affirmations are for you. As someone who has struggled with my own mental health in the past, I know firsthand that a simple statement can create an instant shift or bring about a sense of inner calm, and I strongly urge you to give it a go. Simply choose a statement (or two) that speaks to you, and repeat it, write it down and say it out loud.

Another helpful way to use affirmations is to choose a collection of them, write them down and then record yourself saying them on the voice note option on your phone. Then listen to yourself and feel the magic of hearing yourself in an empowered space! Enjoy x

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

1. I am safe, calm, and relaxed

50 positive affirmations for anxiety list

2. I accept that I feel anxious, and I gently let it go

3. I am in control, and I am choosing now to be gentle to myself

4. I breathe in, and with each breath, I relax more and more

5. My life is beautiful and precious

6. I am soothing myself, I trust myself

7. I am totally free from worry, there is nothing to fear

8. All is well in my world, I am safe and secure

9. Right now is the perfect moment

10. I am present with myself, I do not worry about what was or what might be

11. My worries are gently leaving my thoughts

anxiety affirmations

12. Even with anxiety, I am a strong person

13. I am independent and I rely on me

14. I am secure and at peace, all is well

15. I release tension with every exhale

16. I trust in my body, I trust in myself

17. Everything will be OK, I will be OK

18. I am choosing to relax

19. I am choosing inner peace

20. I forgive myself for everything

21. It is safe to be me, exactly as I am

22. I am choosing to focus on everything that is great about me

23. I’m uncomfortable now, but this is passing

24. My anxiety makes me curious about what I need

anxiety motivating affirmations

25. I’m being triggered and this is an opportunity

26. I am supported, I am loved

27. I receive all the love, I am love

28. I am patient with myself through this anxiety

29. I have so much compassion for myself now and always

30. I choose self-love and self-acceptance

31. I am evolving, I am magic

32. Even though I have anxiety, I am still amazing

33. I am powerful, I am strong

34. Anxiety doesn’t stop me

35. My anxiety does not define me

anxiety affirmations for calm

36. I inspire myself every single day

37. I am on a journey, growing all the time

38. I am fully committed to myself, each and every day

39. I am choosing to let the overwhelm go

40. This time is going to pass, I am safe

41. I am ready for expansion and freedom

42. I do not have to buy into my negative limiting belief

43. I am a beautiful creature, anxiety doesn’t change that

strong affirmations about anxiety

44. I am physically and mentally strong

45. I claim my inner strength right now

46. I am a pleasure to be around, people love me

47. I forgive myself for all the unkind things I have said to myself

48. I am free, I claim my freedom

49. I am choosing a fulfilling life

50. I handle all of this with grace, even when it isn’t easy