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Positive Morning Affirmations

When you wake up, a great practice to do is to start the day with some positive morning affirmations. Not only will they help you to get focused on the day ahead, but they will ignite your inner power, and shift you into a helpful mindset!

Self-belief and self-confidence are crucial, and we have crafted the best list of affirmations that will leave you with the most empowered positivity! Write them down 5-10 times, repeat them out loud, keep saying them, and experience the magic!

Positive Morning Affirmations

50 positive morning affirmations list

1. Today is going to be the BEST

2. I am at peace and welcome what this day has to offer

3. I am in the driver’s seat of my life

4. I feel positive and happy today

5. I have absolutely got this!

6. I know I can handle challenges with ease

7. I love myself and deserve a great day

positive morning affirmations

8. I feel well-rested and ready to take the day on

9. I feel very energized right now

10. I have a smile on my face and I am ready

11. I feel alive, vibrant, and joyous

12. I am capable of achieving everything Ii set out to do today

13. I am always learning, mistakes are perfect

14. I am not phased by difficulties

15. I adapt to any situation that comes from today

16. I feel extremely focused

17. I have so much clarity about how I want my day to go

18. It is safe for me to expect the unexpected

positive morning motivating affirmations

19. I am organized and punctual, and today will happen with ease

20. I genuinely own my mistakes

21. I own the areas of my life where I want to get better

22. I can disagree with love

23. Every decision I make, supports my highest and truest self

24. I deserve everything in my wildest dreams

25. I spread love to everybody I meet today

26. I know what I need and I honor my feelings

27. I radiate beauty and confidence

28. I flow through my day with ease and grace

positive morning affirmation

29. I embody the person I strive to be

30. It is safe for me to express myself today and every day

31. Nothing is wrong when I feel discomfort, it is teaching me something

32. Where I make a mistake, I know how to hold my hands up

33. Today I am open to reflecting

34. Each day, I become more self-aware and more conscious

Positive morning affirmation about being self aware

35. I act with integrity

36. I try my best

37. I have the confidence to lead the way, others value me

38. It is healthy for me to have different opinions

39. I take responsibility for myself

40. I am fully responsible for my choices and actions

41. Everything I touch today, will turn to gold

42. I don’t have to do it alone, I give myself permission to ask for help

positive morning affirmation about asking for help

43. I show up for others in helpful ways

44. It is safe for me to be myself

45. Today is going to be a wonderful day

46. I am beautiful and radiant

47. I communicate with conviction and kindness

48. I know how to have uncomfortable conversations

Positive morning affirmation about uncomfortable conversations

49. Enjoyment is my birthright

50. I welcome honesty from the people who love me