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50 Rainbow Quotes

Rainbows are nature’s way of telling us that beauty can be formed in the stormiest weather. These rainbow quotes highlight that beauty! We can apply this to our life, in that opportunity can be found during a challenging time.

Without the rain, a rainbow literally wouldn’t be possible. If you’re looking for some brightness, color, or inspiration on a gloomy day, enjoy these quotes about rainbows!

Phrases about rainbows are perfect for use as captions. Please feel free to use your favorite. Why not share a rainbow image with a loved one or on Pinterest? Enjoy!

Rainbow Quotes

1. “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

Rainbow quotes

2. “Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it.” – Amit Ray

Quotes about rainbows

3. “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” – Aberjhani

Rainbow inspirational quotes

4. “The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.”

Rainbow quote

5. “If your dream is at the end of a rainbow you’ll never reach it.” – Richie Norton

Rainbow sayings

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6. “Rainbows are made of small raindrops. Happy lives are made from acts of kindness.” – Amit Ray

Cute rainbow quotes

7. “You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but if you yourself don’t know it, all of that doesn’t even matter.” – C. Joybell C.

Beautiful rainbow quotes

8. “There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm.” – John H. Vincent

Quotation on rainbow

9. “You are a rainbow of possibilities.” – Unknown

Quotations on rainbow

10. “Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?” – Pablo Neruda

Quote on rainbow

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11. “I kind of view everybody like a rainbow. Everybody on the planet has all the colors of the rainbow inside.” – Alexia Fast

Quotes on rainbow

12. “Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.” – Alyssa Knight

Inspirational quotes about rainbows

13. “When the morning gathers the rainbow, want you to know I’m a rainbow too.” – Bob Marley

Quote rainbow

14. “Every time you see a rainbow, every time you watch the sunset, and every time you remember a dream – they’re all little glimpses into what’s beyond our world.” – Kevin A. Kuhn

Quotes rainbow

15. “In life, you either choose to sing a rainbow, or you don’t. Keep singing.” Kathleen Long

Rainbow life quotes

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16. “When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” – Oscar Wilde

Quote about rainbows

17. “It’s when you follow the rain clouds that you find out where the rainbows are hiding.” – Anthony T. Hincks

Rainbows quotes

18. “My teacher asked about my favorite color. … I said ‘Rainbow’…. and I was punished to stand out of my class.” – Saket Assertive

Rainbow phrases

19. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

Fanous rainbow quotes

20. “We are rainbows, me and you. Every color, every hue.” – Miley Cyrus

Rainbows quotes and sayings

21. “You’re a rainbow in a sometimes dark world.” – Tamara Bundy

Short rainbow quotes

22. “I’ll paint rainbows all over your blues.” – Jonathan Sebastian

Cute rainbow quotes

23. “Shine your soul with the same egoless humility as the rainbow and no matter where you go in this world or the next, love will find you, attend you, and bless you.” – Aberjhani

Quotes with rainbow

24. “There will always be darkness. There will always be more rain after the storm has ceased. But we need to search for the rainbow between those moments.” – K. Weikel

Rain and rainbow quotes

25. “Love can form a double rainbow connecting two hearts.” – Tom Baker

Rainbow romantic quotes

26. “One can enjoy a rainbow without necessarily forgetting the forces that made it.” – Mark Twain

Quote with rainbow

27. “Love is colorful like a rainbow’ fill your life with all its shades.” – Unknown

Romantic rainbow quote

28. “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – E.Y. Young

Rainbow sayings and quotes

29. “Once you learn to listen and hear the notes clearly, then you will see the rainbow.” – Todd Crawshaw

Rainbow quotes and sayings

30. “Why would I spend my life chasing rainbows when I can be still and see them in their full beauty.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru

Sayings about rainbows

31. “If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm.” — Warren Wendel Wiersbe

32. “When you look at the world, the world isn’t just one palette. It’s a beautiful rainbow, and why not have someone to represent that rainbow?” Joan Smalls

33. “If you have ever followed a rainbow to its end, it leads you to the ground on which you are standing.” — Alan Cohen

34. “When thunderstorms roll in, you make a choice to either succumb with tears to the gloomy downpour or smile and look for rainbows.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

35. “Look at the rainbow, it is made up of different colors, yet they do not split, because they know how beautiful they are when they stick together.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

36. “Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” Gilbert K. Chesterton

37. “There’s always been a rainbow hanging over your head.” – Kacey Musgraves

38. “Facing our problems, first, and living by the seat of the pants, and opening ourselves to the world can turn life into a captivating journey on a sparkling rainbow.” – Erik Pevernagie

39. “We are all part of the same rainbow. We are all reflections of each other. As unique and diverse as we are in character and skills, the source of all creation is as multidimensional as we are.” – Suzy Kassem

40. “Life can be a storm, but your hope is a rainbow and your friends and family are the gold.” – Steve Maraboli

41. “When there is love in the heart, there are rainbows in the eyes, which cover every black cloud with gorgeous hues.” – Henry Ward Beecher

42. “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” – Charlie Chaplin

43. “You are the rainbow that adds color to my gray skies.” Avijeet Das

44. “If you want to see a rainbow you have to learn to see the rain.” – Paulo Coelho

45. “A woman is like the color of the rainbow, very colorful and so beautiful.” – Gift Gugu Mona

46. “Know that rainbows and butterflies are God’s gift to your joy.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

47. “I don’t want a rainbow… Rainbows have too many colors and none of them receive the appreciation they deserve… I’d prefer a fading red or a striking golden, a shimmery silver or a sober blue… Ruling the sunset sky alone!” – Debalina Haldar

48. “We will continue to chase rainbows unless we recognize that they are rainbows and there is no pot of gold at the end of them.” – Diane Ravitch

49. “It’s a good thing that when God created the rainbow he didn’t consult a decorator or he would still be picking colors.” – Sam Levenson

50. “And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” – G. K. Chesterton