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50 Self Care Affirmations To Help You Become Fulfilled

Self-care is just as important as brushing your teeth, and it sometimes consists of doing things that feel uncomfortable! Use these affirmations to solidify your commitment to caring for yourself, because you deserve it! It is not selfish to put you first, say no, take some time out, start a new routine; you are completely worthy of it all!

Self Care Affirmations

50 self care affirmations list

Choose the affirmations that speak to you and repeat them throughout the day! Enjoy!

1. I am my biggest priority

2. It isn’t selfish to take time for me, and put me first

3. I choose to be kind to myself

4. I forgive myself for being hard on myself, and I also choose to stop it now

5. I am becoming more and more aware of what I need at each moment

6. I am nonjudgemental towards myself

7. Nothing is personal, what others say and do is not about me

self care affirmations

8. I am up-leveling my self-care in every single way

9. I study myself, and I commit to myself

10. I honor my intuition and give myself what I need

11. I am present in each moment, and I see the beauty right here and right now

12. I let go of self-sabotage, I deserve great things

13. I deserve every single good thing that is happening for me

14. I trust that the universe has my best interests looked after

15. I am inspired by others achievements and I deserve the best too

16. I am always patient with myself, always gentle

self care affirmations for inspiration

17. I don’t need to hold on to what doesn’t serve me

18. It is safe for me to be my true self

19. I am true to myself first and foremost

20. I always make sure that I look after myself first

21. I can serve others when I first serve myself

22. I am unique, and I love that about me

affirmations about self care

23. I trust in my own opinion, and it matters

24. I follow my purpose, I consciously work towards my dreams

25. I appreciate myself and everything about me

26. I no longer doubt myself, I know that I am capable

27. It is safe to be me, exactly as I am

28. My life is so beautiful and I deserve to enjoy it

29. It is safe for me to laugh and have fun

30. Crying when I need to cry is completely reasonable and safe

31. I stand in my power and I know what is good for me

self care affirmations to repeat

32. I confidently take action for myself every single day

33. I listen to my body and honor what it needs

34. I trust my inner knowing even when it is scary

35. I choose to make healthy choices for myself

36. I release any pressure that I have previously put on myself

37. I get excited to try new things all the time

38. I am happy to be my authentic self

39. When I need to relax, I allow myself because I know it is good for me

40. I am worthy of a wonderful life

41. It is never too late for me to choose myself

the best self care affirmations

42. I open up to receiving pure love and goodness

43. Everything I am is perfect

44. I am creating my own magical reality

45. I have the right to set a boundary and say no when something doesn’t feel good for me

46. I release control and surrender to the flow of life

47. I don’t deserve anything less than the best

48. I am on a self-love journey and each day I get better at it

Self care affirmation about self love

49. I live pain-free and my body is thriving

50. I choose to eat food that nourishes me