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Self Love Affirmations To Help You Realize Your Magnificence

Self-love is something that we could all use more of in our lives; when we love ourselves we begin to spread this same love to others. Allow these affirmations to guide you into compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and love towards yourself. And watch your mindset shift, your outlook on life improve and your inner world feel more peaceful!

Pick your favorite statements and then repeat, repeat, repeat; out loud, writing down and over and over in your mind! Begin to love yourself more and more with each sentence you say!

Self Love Affirmations

1. I love myself, so much

50 self love affirmations list

2. Loving myself isn’t selfish, it is necessary!

3. When I love myself more, I thrive

4. I’ve got me, now and always

5. I love every part of me, even my flaws

5. I am understanding of myself, and loving towards myself

6. I spread love, outwardly and inwardly!

7. It is safe for me to learn and grow

self love affirmations

8. Loving myself is the first love I need

9. All I need is my own self-love

10. I’ve survived all of my bad days, I am amazing

11. I let go of what no longer serves me

12. I love me and others love me

13. Look at how far I have come, I’ve got this

14. I learn more about myself each day

15. I am a magical and powerful human being

16. I am worthy of love

17. I am worthy of the life of my dreams

18. I am enough, exactly as I am

self love affirmations for calm

19. I am a work in progress and I love it

20. I don’t regret anything, I always do the best I know at the time

21. I am aware of myself and what I need

22. It is safe for me to love myself

23. It is safe for me to honor how I feel

24. I am committed to myself, each and every day

25. My life is magic, I am magic

26. I prioritize self-compassion

affirmations about self love

27. I am on an exciting journey

28. I meet myself with love no matter where I am

29. I am a perfectly imperfect person

30. I make things easy for myself

31. Where I am right now is enough

32. I am gentle with myself

33. I forgive myself for all the times I wasn’t kind

34. I am more than capable of achieving my goals

35. I am strong, healthy, and happy

36. I am vibrant

37. I radiate love, to others and to myself

38. My body is capable of amazing things

self love affirmations to repeat

39. I trust in myself

40. I am beautiful

41. I protect my precious energy

42. Not everybody gets access to me, I get to choose

43. I am in control of my life and my choices

44. The relationship I have with myself is the most important one

45. I always come from a place of love

46. I am a gift to this planet

47. There is no reason for me to compare myself to others

48. I am proud of myself, each and every day

the best self love affirmations

49. I get out of my head, as much as I can

50. I choose not to be hard on myself