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Short Positive Affirmations For A Quick Boost

You can make affirmations as long or as short as you like, there really is no strict rulebook! But when you’re in a rush and you’d like a quick pick-me-up, or you’d like to write some short positive statements on post-it notes, then these are for you!

I like to write affirmations around my desk so I see them daily, over and over again! Enjoy!

Short Positive Affirmations

50 short positive affirmations for anxiety list

1. I love me

2. I am amazing

3. I am wealthy

4. I am successful

5. I’ve got this

6. My life is spectacular

7. I attract my desires

8. I always have me

9. I am beautiful

short positive affirmations

10. I am strong

11. I am brave

12. I am powerful

13. I create magic

14. I am debt free

15. Everything is easy

16. I am supported

17. I am free to choose

18. I choose happiness

19. I am guided

20. I am held

21. I take care of me

short positive affirmations for uplift

22. I am loved and loving

23. I am perfect

24. There is nothing to fear

25. I am safe

26. I have healthy boundaries

27. I am worthy

28. I am capable

29. I don’t need to struggle

30. I am learning

31. Everything is as it should be

list of short positive affirmations

32. I am vibrant

33. I am radiant

34. I love adventures

35. Money flows my way

36. Earning money is easy

37. I am safe in my body

38. I create my reality

39. I am a beautiful human

40. The world wants to hear me

positive short affirmations to repeat

41. My opinion matters

42. Perfection doesn’t exist

43. I am allowed to rest

44. I trust myself

45. I deserve success

46. I attract happiness

47. I spread happiness

48. It is safe for me to make a mistake

49. I am kind to myself

positive short affirmation about kindness to self

50. I am human