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40 Snow Quotes To Brighten Your Winter

Whether you’re straight outdoors making snow angels or would rather be cozy indoors with a hot drink, snowy days are magical. These 40 short snow quotes about winter will certainly brighten your mood.

From the nostalgia of playing on the snowy ground to the magnificence of a snowstorm, winter has something for everyone. We hope you love these phrases and sayings, which will get you excited for the winter ahead.

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Snow Quotes

1. “A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” – Carl Reiner

Snow quotes

2. “Winter’s firstborn snow dots the soul with magic.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby

Winter snow quotes

3. “Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.” – Kahlil Gibran

Quotes about snow

4. “I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas. It brings people together whilst time stands still.” – Rachel Cohn

Snow love quote

5. “A snowy day freezes my fingers but warms my heart.” – Unknown

Snowy quotes

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6. “The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different.” – J.B. Priestley

First snow quotes

7. “Snowfall rouses your inner child to dream and play once more.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby

Enjoying the snow quotes

8. “When snow falls, nature listens.” – Antionette Van Kleeff

Quote on snow

9. “Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity.” – Novala Takemoto

Quotations on snow

10. “The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.” – E.E. Cummings

Snow quote

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11. “When there’s snow on the ground, I  like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.” – Takayuki Ikkaku

Best snow quotes

12. “Happiness is seeing the paw prints of cats in the ground on a snowy day.” – Unknown

Snowy quote

13. “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was me in an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

Snow inspirational quotes

14. “Snowfall gives us the opportunity to slow down, be present and be aware.” – Lee Horbachewski

Quotes on snowfall

15. “The very fact of snow is such an amazement.” – Roger Ebert

Quotations on snow

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16. “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”- Paul Theroux

Quotes about winter

17. “A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky unbidden and seems like a thing of wonder,” – Susan Orlean

Snowy day quotes

18. “When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels.” – Unknown

Quotations snow

19. “Snow brings a special quality with it, the power to stop life as you know it dead in its tracks.” – Nancy Hatch Woodward

Quotation snow

20. “The first snow is like the first love.” – Lara Biyuts

Snow quotes love

21. “The future lies before you like a field of snow; be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.” – Unknown

Snow inspirational quote

22. “I love snowfall and winter because it gives us more reason to cuddle.” – Unknown

Love in the snow quote

23. “Though winter is a brittle beast, she snows pure soul in fakes so deep.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby

Winter storm quote

24. “There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on.” – Carol Rifka Brunt

Snow sayings

25. “She loved the snowstorm until she was caught in one.” – Parr Winn

Snowstorm quotes

26. “With every falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven.” – P. Miller

Beautiful snow quotes

27. “Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity.” – Novala Takemoto

Snow day quotes

28. “I love the scents of winter! For me, it’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread, and spruce.” – Taylor Swift

I love snow quotes

29. “Powder snow skiing is not fun. It’s life, fully lived – a life lived in a blaze of reality.” – Dolores LaChapelle

Fun in the snow quotes

30. “Advice is like the snow. The softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon and the deeper it sinks into the mind.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Snow comments

31. “Christmas snow can never disappear completely. It sometimes goes away for almost a year at a time and takes the form of summer rain. But you can bet your boots that when a good, jolly December wind kisses it, it will turn into Christmas snow all over again.” – Frosty the Snowman

32. “Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem.”William Hamilton Gibson

33. “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” – Vesta M. Kelly

34. “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Charles Dickens

35. “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” Sammy Cahn

36. “January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.”  Sara Coleridge

37. “You should see my corgis at sunset in the snow. It’s their finest hour. About five o’clock they glow like copper. Then they come in and lie in front of the fire like a string of sausages.”–  Tasha Tudor

38. “I remember being excited about seeing snow for the very first time.”  Thi Bui

39. “Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” – Andy Goldsworthy 

40. “The snow began to fall again, drifting against the windows, politely begging entrance and then falling with disappointment to the ground.” – Jamie McGuire