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Weight Loss Affirmations To Help You Love Yourself

If you are trying to lose weight, perhaps you are striving to make some healthier choices and exercise more. Well, why not add weight loss affirmations into your routine to help you to love your body no matter what! In adding positive repeated statements to your day, you begin by default to shift your subconscious mind and take actions that complement your words.

Simply choose the words that speak to you, and repeat them often, write them down, say them out loud; whatever works for you! A helpful tip is to record yourself on your voice note app and then listen to yourself when you are exercising! But remember to love yourself no matter the number on the scales, that is the most important thing!

Weight Loss Affirmations

50 weight loss affirmations list

1. Every day I show up for myself and make healthy choices

2. I am worthy of looking after myself

3. I am capable of getting to a weight that is healthy for me, in a healthy way

4. I love myself through this whole journey

5. If I have a slow, rested day and don’t do much, I still love myself

6. If the scales aren’t moving how I expect, I am still kind to myself

7. I am embodying a healthy and radiant person, who is comfortable with their weight

weight loss affirmations

8. I drink plenty of water to keep myself hydrated

9. I am here for this, I am here for me

10. I am dedicated to my goals, I can achieve my wildest dreams

11. It is healthy for me to want to be healthier, and I approach it in a healthy way

12. I lose excess weight with ease, this experience doesn’t have to be a struggle

13. I expect magnificence for myself

14. I am working towards my dream body, and the process is fun

15. My body is perfect as it is, and yet it is safe for me to strive for better health

16. I have the power to see what my body can do

weight loss affirmation

17. As my body evolves, I honor and respect every part of me

18. I enjoy exercising, it brings me happiness and calm

19. Moving my body is good for me and I love it

20. Eating healthy foods is nourishing for my body and my soul

21. I am excited to make healthy changes for myself

22. I am choosing a healthier path, and I am proud of myself

23. Health is my goal, the numbers don’t matter

24. I am not defined by my weight, I love myself anyway

25. I love eating healthy foods, I love drinking water

26. As I lose weight, I thank my body for releasing any excess it didn’t need

27. I am committed to my wellbeing

affirmations about weight loss

28. Even if I don’t lose weight, I still love myself anyway

29. I am feeling the benefit of shifting excess weight that my body didn’t need

30. My fitness journey is fun and exciting

31. I am on an exciting journey right now, I am here for it

32. I believe in my ability to smash my fitness goals

33. I choose to eat foods that nourish and energize me

34. I am healthy, happy, and radiant

35. I glow, I glow from the inside and it shows in how I look

36. I truly love myself for who I am

37. I let go of any guilt around the food choices that I make

38. I am grateful for the magnificence that is my body

39. I am committed to my goals, and I love myself throughout

40. My body is a magical vessel that supports me

41. It is important to me to find joy and excitement in looking after myself

42. I am creating a healthy routine for myself

43. I am in flow with looking after myself

weight loss affirmation about looking after yourself

44. Looking after myself makes me feel so happy and proud

45. Every single day, I have fun with how look after myself

46. I get to look after myself

47. I find so much pleasure in caring for my body

48. I give myself permission to rest and relax, this is just as important

49. My health is my main priority

weight loss affirmation about health

50. I am excited for what I can achieve