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50 Abundance Affirmations To Change Your Mindset

Abundance affirmations are great for helping you shift your money mindset and believe in your ability to create wealth. You are a magical human being and you deserve abundance because you can spread the love with it and help other people to become abundant too. It is not selfish to want security and stability for yourself.

Pick the statements that speak to your soul and repeat them consistently, out loud, on paper, in the mirror. Enjoy!

Abundance Affirmations

50 abundance affirmations list

1. Money literally flows to me constantly

2. I am always in receipt of unexpected money and riches

3. I use my money in a compassionate and sustainable way that protects the world I live in

4. I am creating stability, security, and pleasure for myself

5. I am very excited to be the most wealthy I have ever been

6. My dream life is here now, I am living it, prosperous, magnetic, and fulfilled

7. When I wake up each day, I am excited about what I get to create

abundance affirmations

8. I am at peace with having lots of money in my bank

9. I release any negative limiting beliefs that stop me from making lots of wealth

10. I choose wealth for myself because I deserve it fully

11. I have lots of money, and I do great things with it, like give to excellent causes that protect our planet

12. I deserve money because I am a good person who will spend it on uplifting the vibration of the planet

13. I give myself permission to clear debt

14. I believe that I can create financial freedom

15. I let go of self-criticism that says I am not worthy of my wildest bank balance dreams

16. It is safe and reasonable for me to want wealth

17. I deserve everything that I receive

abundance affirmations for inspiration

18. I am choosing to be successful and wealthy in every aspect of my life

19. Opportunities present themselves to me daily

20. I am abundance, not just in money but in life experiences too

21. I am ready to share my magnificence with the world

22. I have the skills I need to create wealth and abundance for myself

23. I am always attracting miracles into my life

24. My life is a consistent miracle

affirmations about abundance

25. I am a magnet for exciting experiences

26. What makes me happy is to be paid well for what I am good at

27. I no longer undersell myself and only accept what I am worthy of

28. I don’t need to say yes to what doesn’t serve me

29. There is enough wealth in the world for me to have access to

30. I am the creator of my reality, and I choose abundance

31. I give money a great home, and look after it well

32. I am financially free, and spend my time doing the things I love

33. People want to pay me for my skills, and they pay me well

34. I believe in myself now more than I have ever done

35. I always have enough

abundance affirmations to repeat

36. I never struggle for money, I am at ease with my money

37. I check my bank balance with excitement

38. I can see it so I can achieve it

39. I am destined for a life of fun, pleasure, and happiness

40. I work hard and I am paid well

41. Money flows to me, it never stops

42. I love money and money loves me

43. I change the world with my money because that is what matters to me most

44. With my money, I help others, I give generously, I share my love

the best abundance affirmation

45. I understand that money deserves my respect

46. I am excited by how easy it is for me to feel abundant

47. I am grateful for how I have turned things around for myself

48. I have no fear around receiving, I am open to it

49. People love what I do and want to pay me well for it, because I add so much value

abundance affirmation about my value

50. I am intentional and purposeful with how I spend my money