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50 Positive Affirmations For Women To Use Daily

For women, using daily positive affirmations can support you in creating the life of your dreams by shifting your mindset, improving your focus, and increasing your self-belief! You have this vision of your best life, but are working on getting there with it; well, rather than think of all of the reasons why it won’t happen, why not use positive affirmations to reclaim your power by saying and believing it has happened already!

This collection of 50 affirmations for ladies, will not only boost your mood but will also set you up for the day. And with consistent, daily use, using the affirmations can dramatically increase your chances of creating the life you desire.

50 BEST Positive Affirmations For Women

positive affirmations for women

We have provided the best 50 positive affirmations for you ladies. Pick your favorite, or simply work your way down the list. Use 2-5 affirmations at a time, and repeat them in your mind, out loud (in the mirror is great), and on paper multiple times a day!

1. I accept and love, every single part of myself

2. I choose to honor everything that I feel

3. I allow myself to speak my truth with love and kindness

4. I won’t give up on myself today, or any day

5. I choose to say kind things to myself

6. I am enough, exactly as I am

7. It is safe to be myself

8. I can handle whatever today throws at me

9. I’ve got this, I trust in myself to handle this

10. I come from a good place, and I trust that others around me know that

11. Nobody stands in my way apart from myself

12. My energy is precious, and I choose who I allow into my space

13. I have the ability to leave any situation that no longer serves me

14. The people in my life, see my beauty and appreciate me

15. My voice matters, what I have to say, counts

16. I am able to express myself openly, confidently, and respectfully

17. I m worthy of all of my desires

18. The life I want to create for myself is within my reach

19. Nothing is impossible for me, reaching my goals comes easy to me

20. I allow myself to rest when I need to rest, slowing down isn’t unproductive

21. It is safe for me to have a different opinion from a loved one, it is safe for them to be them, and me to be me

22. I respect and honor myself in every situation, I express myself with kindness, love, and compassion

23. I make decisions for myself every day that are for my highest good and potential

24. It is safe for me to say no when I feel that I do not have the energy or capacity

encouraging positive affirmations for women

25. Every person I meet, feels better when they have been in my presence

26. Discomfort does not mean I am failing, discomfort is where my growth is happening

27. I remain present at all times, as this is where my life is happening, I don’t need to worry about the past or fear the future

28. I have the power to choose which thoughts I listen to, my thoughts do not define me, I get to choose

29. I am good at my job, and I am appreciated by all around me, I value myself and others value me

30. I am a balanced human being with a good heart and a gentle soul

31. I flow through today with ease and grace, and every experience is magic

32. I am open to receiving abundance, and it flows to me with ease in unexpected ways

33. I am healthy and my body supports me

34. I trust myself and I trust my judgment; whatever I feel is valid

35. My instinct is strong, and above anyone else, I trust myself, truly and deeply

36. It is safe for me to change my mind, it is safe for me to say no

37. I am open to new experiences, challenges, and opportunities

exciting positive affirmations for women

38. I am divinely guided, supported, and protected

39. I am amazing, I really truly am!

40. My life is an exciting adventure and I am here for the ride

41. Whatever I feel, I choose to embrace it, respect it, and honor myself

42. I am willing to forgive myself, forgive others and make peace

43. I am relaxed and peaceful and my life is fulfilled

44. I am in love with life, I love my life and life loves me

45. I am courageous and brave, I am happy to be seen

46. I support myself and I create the stability I need to feel secure and safe

47. I trust that life presents me with challenges that I can learn and grow from

48. It is safe to be me, I am whole, complete, and beautiful

49. I approve of myself, I am wonderful, exactly as I am

50. I have nothing to hide, all of me is perfect, even my flaws and imperfections