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How Many Affirmations Should I Say A Day? (With Practical Tips)

Affirmations are a great daily practice to use to help you achieve your goals in life and feel more positive. This article will answer the questions you have about how many to use, what to focus on, and the frequency of using affirmations.

How many affirmations should I say a day?

The number of affirmations you use at any one time depends on your preference; there is no right or wrong. But a great starting point is to use 3-5 affirmations daily and say them (or write them) down at minimum, both morning and night each day. This will get you into a rhythm!

We suggest you write them out 10 times in a journal when you wake up and before you go to sleep, and then repeat them to yourself in your mind throughout the day. Another useful tip is to write them on Post-it notes and place them in places around your workspace, home, or bedroom where you will see them multiple times a day. This way, not only will you write them down, but you will say them to yourself each time you see them.

Another great tip is to stick with the same affirmations for at least a few days or a week, to really embed the positivity, but also to journal on your goals and dreams; write down everything you’re feeling and thinking about them, what steps you are taking towards them, and what else you need to do. This way, you not only have affirmations to say daily to reinforce your own confidence and self-belief, but you also stay aware and mindful of the actions you are taking, and the progress that you are making towards creating your dream life!

As you journal, reflect, and stay focused on your goals and dreams, and your progress towards them, you can switch up your affirmations accordingly as you feel is helpful. There is no right or wrong, just trust yourself and be consistent. Using affirmations, along with the other awareness practices I have shared, will really support you in changing things in your life that you are ready to.

How Many Affirmations Should I Focus On?

How many affirmations should I focus on

When you first start, focusing on 3-5 affirmations per week is what we suggest to really embed the messages into your routine. It is also advisable to focus on affirmations that are associated with certain goals and dreams you have. When you get into a habit of using them, you could focus on 10-20 affirmations.

Again, there really is no right or wrong when it comes to affirmations, however, when you first start using repetitive statements in your morning and nighttime routine, start with a manageable amount so that you can sustain using them for a prolonged period of time. If you focus on too many at once, you may fall out of the habit. So building them up over time is a great way to go about it.

As with all new spiritual practices, new habits take time and so quality is more important than quantity. When you feel more confident in using affirmations, and are sure that you have embedded your new habit, start adding in more and see how it feels. Then when you are ready, add more and so on.

Should I Use The Same Affirmations Each Day?

Should I use the same affirmations each day

When you first start using affirmations, we suggest that you begin by using the same 3-5 each day for at least a week. After a week, reflect on how it has gone (for instance by journaling) and how you feel since using them, and you may decide that it is appropriate to choose new affirmations the following week.

The affirmations you choose will depend on your goals, hopes, and dreams. So it might be that one month, you decide to focus on one area of your life, such as finances, and then the following month, you choose to focus on something else such as relationships. So, you might change them week on week, but they may still be on the same theme until you change your focus.

Keeping to a theme will support you in really altering your mindset in this area of your life, and also help you to focus on creating your reality. Daily practice and repetition of the same affirmations over a week, will really help you to feel more self-believing that you are working towards your goals.

Where Can I Find Examples Of Affirmations?

Where can I find examples of affirmations

Five examples of affirmations are: I am vibrant, and my energy is contagious. I attract new opportunities in all areas of my life. I am surrounded by people who adore me. I have just received a promotion and pay rise. My skin glows and I am confident. We also have plenty of examples on our website on different themes!

Our website contains plenty of examples of affirmations, all laid out into themes; I will link some below! We also have an article on how to write your own affirmations, which is a really fun thing to do when you have the know-how! You are the master of your life, and so your own affirmations will be the most powerful for you, as you can use your own words, designed by your dreams!

Can You Have Too Many Affirmations?

Can you have too many affirmations

Our suggestion is that you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many affirmations at once especially if you are new to using them. This is because they may lose their quality and meaning. If you can be clear and concise about your goals and dreams, and then just use 3-5 relevant affirmations can contain such power and inspiration.

Put it this way, You might have one big goal (or many big goals) and be able to come up with a hundred affirmations that make sense to you. However, if it takes you hours in the morning and night to write them, and there are so many that you forget most of them in the day when you are trying to say them to yourself, you may lose interest in using them altogether.

It is far better to use a smaller number that uplifts and motivates you, and repeat them for at least a week; a number you can sustain, enjoy, and feel emotionally connected to. If you bombard yourself with too many, you will lose interest, and your affirmation practice will become diluted and lose its effectiveness.

Should I Write Affirmations Every Day?

Should I write affirmations every day

You should absolutely write affirmations every day, multiple times a day. Aim to write, say out loud, and in your head, your affirmations at least morning and night. Get in the habit of having your affirmation practice as a non-negotiable and consistent part of your routine, as this is the way you are going to see great results!

The more you can say your affirmations, write them, repeat them, see them – the better. This is going to engrain your new belief system into your psychology and this is what will increase your self-belief and probability of taking action on your goals. You are using affirmations to create a new identity and reality for yourself, so they need to be an integral part of each day!

Having used affirmations myself on and off for years, I can honestly say that my mindset, my productivity, and my self-worth increase when I am consistent in my practice. When I slip out of my routine, I notice that I am not as motivated and I begin to lose faith in myself. I really encourage you to start as you mean to go on, and not let your dedication to affirmations slip!

In summary, although there is no right or wrong to affirmations, for the best chance of having a significant mindset shift, being more motivated about your dreams, and increasing productivity, you want to have a small number of quality and meaningful affirmations to use for at least a week, that are relevant to your current goals and ambitions. Reflect on your practice each week, and amend where appropriate, then begin again!

We hope you loved this article as much as we enjoyed writing it, and we would love to hear how you are getting on in your affirmation practice! Please feel free to share your tips and successes!