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Affirmations For Confidence That Remind You Of Your Power

Confidence is something that most people struggle with from time to time, and if you’re like me, this is a real problem; but using affirmations is a great way to shift the negative self-talk! All you need to do is pick the statements that speak to you, perhaps 3-5 a day, and then devote some time to repeat them however you can! Write them down, say them in the mirror, whatever feels good; just keep saying them.

By default, when you use affirmations regularly and consistently, positive actions will follow, trust me – I do this daily! Enjoy!

Affirmations For Confidence

50 confidence affirmations list

1. Confidence is my birthright

2. It is safe for me to share my opinions

3. People want to hear what I have to say

4. I do not have to say yes to everything

5. I step into my power and realize how amazing I am

6. I am deeply inspiring to others around me

7. I am devoted to realizing how beautiful I am

confidence affirmations

8. It is safe for me to love myself

9. I am brave, and I push myself consistently

10. I deserve incredible things and they come to me with ease

11. I am in control, I am totally in the driver’s seat of my life

12. I am showing up in the world as my best self

13. I am stunningly beautiful inside and out

14. I can change my life, I have the power

15. I give myself permission to thrive

16. I enjoy myself every single day

17. I am totally capable of achieving my wildest dreams

18. It is never too late for me to make a different choice

19. I accept responsibility for myself

20. People are interested in my story and my life

21. It is safe for me to put myself out there

22. I can do scary things, I really can!

confidence affirmation collection

23. Every day, I choose myself, I am here for myself

24. I don’t need to hide away, I now choose to show up

25. I trust myself to be wealthy and successful

26. My life is a journey and I am constantly growing

27. I am brave, and I can do things that scare me

28. There is enough room for me to be successful

29. I no longer compare myself to others around me

30. I put myself first, my needs matter, my life matters

31. I trust my deep inner wisdom, what I feel matters

32. I am destined for a beautiful life

33. I choose a life of fulfillment and fun

list of confidence affirmations

34. It is safe for me to let things go, and choose ease

35. Whenever I struggle, I’ve still got me

36. When I can visualize it, I can achieve it

37. The people around me love me and want me here

38. I have so much knowledge and the world needs to hear it

39. I am a valuable human being, the world needs me

40. I am choosing to rise, to push myself and rise

41. It is safe for me to step outside of my comfort zone

42. It is safe for me to make mistakes and learn from them

43. I am confident and courageous

affirmation about confidence

44. Anything is possible for me, I fully believe it

45. I believe in myself and the skills that I have

46. I have the power to change my world and the whole world

47. I am here for an impactful life

48. I don’t need others to validate me

49. I let go of negative self-talk, it no longer serves me

Affirmation of confidence

50. I am my own cheerleader, I’ve got me, I’ve got this