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Affirmations For Sleep To Help You To Relax

If sleeping is something you struggle with, why not use some of these affirmations for sleep to help you to relax and doze off naturally. The last thing you want to do is pressure yourself to stay awake or give yourself a hard time for not falling asleep quick enough. Release stress, tension, and say these kind things to yourself which will help you to find inner peace.

Affirmations For Sleep

50 sleep affirmations list

1. I am at total peace and deserve a restful nights sleep

2. I have had a fulfilling day, and a beautiful nights sleep is my birthright

3. My wellbeing is a priority for me, and sleeping is part of this

4. Sleeping allows me to heal

5. I am excited to wake up tomorrow after having a restful nights sleep

6. A sound night’s sleep is something that happens for me with ease

7. I don’t hold on to stress at night, I relax and fall asleep easily

sleep affirmations

8. It is safe for me to switch off and drop off for a full night of sleep

9. Rest and relaxation happen for me effortlessly

10. I have achieved a lot today and it is safe for me to rest

11. The day is over, it has been great, and it is now time for me to doze off and wake up rested

12. I am truly grateful for how deeply I am sleeping right now

13. I feel safe to have a deep and restful night of sleep

14. Anything that has bothered me today, I do not need to give my attention to right now

15. My eyes are tired and my body is heavy, what a great feeling for a brilliant night of sleep

16. I have been waking up from deep sleep for months now and I feel amazing

17. I heal within my sleep, my dreams are how I process my life

18. I let the tension melt, I let my body melt, I let my head feel heavy into my pillow

sleep affirmations for inspiration

19. It is time for me to close my eyes and doze off

20. I am thankful for the busy day I have had, I love what I do, I could do it all night, but I can carry on tomorrow, sleep is important

21. To sleep is a healthy choice, I do not need to stay awake all night

22. I release any pressure on myself to keep working late

23. I am looking forward to having a restorative sleep tonight

24. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow feeling fresh and ready for the day

25. My bedroom is a perfect sanctuary for me to rest, relax and sleep

26. I am having the most perfect sleeping patterns right now

27. It is time for me to switch off and stop thinking about the day

affirmations about sleep

28. Nobody needs anything from me right now, it is safe for me to relax

29. I am worthy of a spectacular nights sleep

30. I believe in my ability to sleep

31. I know that I am destined for the most perfect nights sleep

32. I love my body and everything that it does for me, including restoring overnight when I sleep

33. I give myself permission to switch off, sleep, and wake up feeling amazing

34. I may have not had the best sleep last night, but tonight it is different

35. I don’t need to think about my to-do list right now, it can wait until tomorrow

36. I am ready to feel peaceful

37. I look forward to having beautiful dreams tonight

38. It is safe for me to sleep because I know my alarm will wake me up bright and breezy in the morning

sleep affirmations to repeat

40. There is no place quite like my bed, I feel so cozy and relaxed

41. It’s nighttime and I’m ready for the sleep of my dreams

42. I am preparing for bed by doing a lovely self-care routine that relaxes me

43. Sleeping is so magical and I love it

44. I’ve switched my phone off, everybody is sleeping and it is time for me to do the same

45. I am patient with myself as my eyes start to close tonight

the best sleep affirmation

46. I release pressure on myself to sleep, I trust instead

47. When I wake up tomorrow I will be so pleased that I had the best sleep

48. Sleeping helps me to stay well

49. I am entitled to the most perfect sleep, that lifts me up for a bright day tomorrow

sleep affirmation about sleeping loves me

50. I love sleeping and sleeping loves me