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50 Body Positive Affirmations To Lift Your Confidence

If you need a boost of confidence when it comes to your body, then check out these body-positive affirmations that will help to put you on the right track! Use them repeatedly to impact your mindset and to help to shift your subconscious limiting beliefs about your body! We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved creating them!

Body Positive Affirmations

50 body positive affirmations list

1. I am a beautiful creation, and who I am is someone to be proud of

2. My existence, my life, and my body is a magical experience

3. I trust in my body, to look after me, and to keep me safe

4. I get to choose my style, my look and I do this with confidence

5. I treat my body with utmost love and respect

body positive affirmations

6. I nurture and heal my body with healthy and nourishing food

7. I give myself permission to totally love myself

8. I totally respect myself, who I am and how I look

9. I am free from guilt when I consume and enjoy food

10. My smile lights up the room, and I make other people happy

11. My body is capable of amazing things

12. I choose now to not punish myself

13. I give myself full permission to love my body

body positive affirmation

14. When I look in the mirror, I smile and appreciate myself so much

15. My body is carrying me and is here for me

16. I am thankful for my senses, I get to experience the magic of the world

17. I accept every single part of me, I am perfect in every single way

18. I have been gifted with a beautiful vessel and I am very grateful

19. I do not buy into guilt when I step on the scales

20. I am totally at peace with my body and how I look

21. I am devoted to getting to know myself

22. I am committed to learning to love my body

23. I am guided by the feelings in my gut, they connect me to my path

24. I listen to the whispers of my soul, and trust myself

affirmations about body positive

25. I am open to receiving compliments about my looks

26. I am more than the way I look, I have a deeper identity

27. It is safe for me to love working out

28. It is safe for me to let my body rest

29. I am perfect, even when my hair isn’t looking the way I like it

30. I absolutely love taking care of myself

31. I forgive myself for all the times that I haven’t been kind to myself

32. I forgive myself for saying unkind things about the way I look

33. My legs are perfect, they carry me and keep me steady

34. I love my hands, they allow me to write, touch, feel and work

35. I love every single thing about myself, every flaw, every imperfection, my beauty

36. I can do hard things, my body is holding me

37. It is exciting for me to push myself and challenge myself

38. My body is capable of magical things

39. My life is meaningful before I lose weight, my life matters now

affirmation about body positive

40. I do not need to be defined by a number on the scales

41. Today is the day I stop comparing myself to others

42. When I like somebody else’s clothes, I feel inspired, I feel excited for myself

43. When somebody compliments me, I say thank you and fully embrace it

44. I make conscious choices for myself, I’ve got me

45. I show up intentionally for myself, every single day

46. Nobody’s opinion of me matters more than my own

47. It is safe for me to say no to anything that doesn’t feel right in my body

body positive affirmation about saying no

48. not everybody gets access to me

49. I have boundaries, I protect my peace

50. When I need to rest, I allow it, I can cancel plans and commitments