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50 Career Affirmations To Help You Thrive

This collection of career affirmations will help you to manifest and attract the work-life of your dreams. When you begin to repeat positive statements to yourself about your career and work, you will notice that your mindset shifts and you start to enjoy how you are spending your time. Affirmations can also help you get clear on what you are working towards!

All you need to do is to choose the sentences that work for you and then repeat them over and over. A great tip is to say them out loud in the mirror. You could even record yourself saying them and play it back in the car on the way to work!

Career Affirmations

50 career affirmations list

1. I have a dream career that I love

2. My work fulfills me, and that makes me feel proud

3. I am on the right path in my career

4. I am capable of success

5. I thrive in what I do, and I enjoy each moment of it

6. I’ve got this, I am worthy

7. I have so much to offer and contribute to my workplace

affirmations on career

8. I am confident in myself and in the value that I bring

9. My colleagues encourage and support me

10. I am ready to take on challenges that are presented to me in my career

11. Every experience in my work is an opportunity for growth

12. I growing and learning every single day

13. I give myself permission to ask for help in my career

14. It is safe for me to change my mind and take on new pathways in my work

15. I am a magnet for my dream career

16. I am welcoming in endless possibilities for myself in my career

career affirmations

17. I am excited to see how far I can go

18. My energy in my career is magnetic, I am attracting the perfect opportunities for my highest good

19. I am thankful for my job that supports me and gives me security

20. My career brings me an abundance of wealth

21. I have all of the relevant skills that I need to help me uplevel in my career

22. I deserve a pay rise, I deserve more money

23. I have earned my reputation and others look to me for support

24. I always find opportunities in challenges that I am faced with in my career

25. Growth is my birthright, I am here for it

26. it is safe for me to get out of my comfort zone in my career

27. I avoid burnout, by looking after myself outside of work

affirmations about career

28. My career supports the life of my dreams

29. I bring so much to the table and this company is lucky to have me

30. I am always open to learning more

31. I work hard, I do my best, and I am proud of myself for it

32. I have plenty of time to get everything done

33. I have so many visions for myself and I am working through them all

34. Opportunities show up for me when I least expect them to

affirmation about career

35. I have the perfect balance of work and home life

36. I am in my dream job and it makes me so happy

37. I am a pleasure to work with, and others strive to work with me

38. I am an expert in what I do, and others are inspired by me

39. My job has challenges, but through each one I grow stronger

40. My knowledge is irreplaceable

41. I am excited to be moving up the ladder and saying yes to things that fulfil and excite me

42. I get to work, I get to do this job, how lucky am I

career affirmation about being capable

43. I am capable of creating the business of my dreams

44. My boss loves me and appreciates my hard work

45. I recognize opportunities all of the time and I take them willingly

46. Taking breaks and rest is important for my career growth

47. I have the most amazing work ethic

48. I take full responsibility for my career growth, I’m here for myself

career affirmation about career growth

49. I am a born leader, others look to me and aspire to learn from me

50. I set goals and conquer them with ease