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Clear Skin Affirmations To Add To Your Skincare Routine

If you are struggling with your skin and have tried everything, why not add clear skin affirmations to your routine. Shifting your mindset and your subconscious beliefs about your skin is a great way to approach what can be a really hard situation. Many people have incredible results by using the power of the mind and so this is a great thing to do!

Choose the affirmations that you connect with and then repeat them daily, over and over. Why not say them whilst you cleanse your skin each morning and night! In being consistent in saying the positive statements to yourself, you will notice that your outlook changes and also your actions and approach towards the skin problem; for instance, being kinder to your body and making healthier choices.

Clear Skin Affirmations

50 clear skin affirmations list

1. I am thankful for my skin and how it protects me

2. My skin is beautiful, flaws and all

3. I now choose to say kind things about my skin and trust in its healing powers

4. It is safe for me to love myself, no matter how my skin looks

5. I make healthy choices to nourish my body and help my skin

6. It is only a matter of time before the imperfections on my skin no longer bother me

7. My skin is healthy, clear, and glowing

clear skin affirmations

8. I glow from the inside and out, my skin shows it

9. It is possible for me to love and appreciate my skin, and I choose it now

10. I commit to my skin, taking good care of it, and loving it

11. I honor my skin, and give it what it needs

12. I no longer scold myself for how my skin looks

13. I am beautiful, no matter how my skin feels right now

14. I love and appreciate my skin, in every single way

15. I release any stress that my skin is under, with ease and grace

16. I take long deep breaths to help me relax, and help to nourish my skin

17. My skin is beautiful, I am beautiful

18. I no longer compare my skin to the skin of others

clear skin affirmation

19. I have blemish-free skin, blemishes are a thing of the past for me

20. I have loving energy towards my skin, I appreciate its magic

21. My skin has the ability to transform and heal

22. My skin is totally flawless, radiant, and glowing

23. I have a great skincare routine and I treat my skin with love

24. I make healthy choices for my body, which has a great impact on my skin

25. I am blessed with the most gorgeous skin

26. I love how my skin feels, looks, and glows

27. I am so happy to now have problem-free skin!

affirmations about clear skin

28. I am getting the results that I desire with my skin

29. I often get compliments on my beautiful skin

30. I have taken all of the practical steps I need to, to improve my skin

31. I am passionate about caring for my skin, and I show up for it daily

32. My skin deserves my love, attention, and kindness

33. My beautiful skin makes me feel so confident

34. My body is happy and healthy, and it shows on my skin

35. I am extremely confident in my own skin

36. I am proud of the journey that I have been on with my skin

37. My skin glows, it is healthy, blemish-free, and I am proud of how amazing it looks

38. I choose to be kind to my skin, I look in the mirror and show my love for it

39. My reflection in the mirror makes me so happy

40. My skin is clean, clear and stress-free

41. I no longer obsess over my skin

affirmation about clear skin

42. I no longer hide my face, or shy away from being seen

43. I love being in photographs, I am so confident now

44. I make time for my skin every single day

45. I treat my skin with respect and nourishment

46. I limit unhealthy foods to help my body to remain vibrant and glowing

47. I know how to take good care of my skin

48. I have access to support for my skin, and it is safe for me to seek advice

49. I take excellent care of my skin, I enjoy doing it!

clear skin affirmation about skin care

50. My skin has never felt so great