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70 Daily Positive Affirmations List To Make You Feel Amazing

Whether you are new to daily affirmations, or you have been using them a while, this positive affirmations list is sure to give you inspiration. Pick your favorite, or maybe work your way through them, one week at a time!

For instance, you could take your top five affirmations from the list, and repeat these words and statements morning, and night every day. Write them down 5-10 times when you wake up and before you go to sleep, speak them to yourself as you get ready in the mirror, and say them to yourself in your mind throughout the day.

When you have used these affirmations for a week, move on to the next 5! There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just choose the ones you feel will help you most, and get to work. Monitor how you feel (a journal is great for this!) and then feel the magic happen!

Daily Positive Affirmations

1. I have the power to make today great

daily positive affirmation about today

2. I attract love and kindness from the people around me

3. I am a pleasure to be around, and admired by the people who know me

4. I am comfortable with saying no and prioritizing myself

5. I am able to create a life I love

6. I am attracting success

7. I have lovely, caring, and understanding friends in my life

8. I take my time and I am kind to myself

9. I’ve got this!

daily positive affirmation about got this

10. I am worthy of ultimate bliss!

11. I am worthy of a loving and supportive relationship!

12. I glow and spread happiness to all who come into contact with me!

13. I am proud of myself

14. I am capable of HUGE success

15. I am allowed to not have everything figured out, and love myself anyway!

16. I am worthy of respect

17. I choose myself every single day

daily positive affirmation about choosing myself

18. I trust myself to handle anything

19. I am committed to myself and my dreams

20. My life is perfect and exciting

21. I am beautiful and charming

22. My body is healthy, gorgeous and supports me

23. I am blessed with the most magical family and friends

24. People want to hear what I have to say

25. What I have to say is important to the world

26. Everything I touch, turns to gold!

daily positive affirmation about gold

27. I have time for everything I need to do

28. Every step I take is progress no matter how big or small

29. I attract new, exciting adventures into my life

30. Money flows easily to me, I never have to worry about it

31. By body is in perfect shape

32. Opportunities flow to me with ease

33. I am comfortable in my own skin

daily positive affirmation about being comfortable

34. I can deal with stress with ease

35. When people spend time with me, they feel at ease

36. I give myself permission to let go of anything that no longer serves me

37. I can handle my worries with ease, I love myself

38. I love every part of me, even the parts that I sometimes feel hard to

39. I am grateful for everything I have, and more flows to me

40. I feel so motivated right now

41. My mistakes don’t define me, I learn from every single one

42. My life has so much value and meaning

43. I am worthy of the life of my dreams, and this is it

daily positive affirmation about being worthy

44. My confidence in myself is next level

45. People are magnetized to me

46. My thoughts are not my identity

47. I am radiant, vibrant, and magnetic

48. I forgive myself fully for everything

49. I am totally perfect!

50. Nothing phases me, I can handle it all

51. I allow myself to relax and rest and not feel guilty about it

52. I give myself permission to experience pleasure

daily positive affirmation about pleasure

53. It is safe for me to express myself

54. My truth is important

55. I inspire people around me to be who they really are

56. Everything I need is right here

57. I have the power to resolve problems with ease

58. Today will bring peace, happiness, and content

59. I grow through challenges with a grateful heart

60. My life is for me to live, in my way, on my terms and I love it

daily positive affirmation about my life

61. How other people feel about me is not my problem

62. I don’t need to live my life to please others, and others don’t need to either

63. My day is a blessing, and I live it to the full

64. Earning money is easy and fun to do

65. I am attracting the perfect relationship that enhances my life

66. All of my feelings and emotions are valid

67. Today is the beginning of the rest of my life

68. I am courageous, and I can do hard things

69. I am the creator of my own destinty

70. I am happy, and even when I am not, all is perfect!