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50 Friday Affirmations To Uplift You And Make You Smile

You’ve got to the end of the week and Friday is a perfect day to be excited and ready for a lovely night before you spend the weekend unwinding! Choose a Friday affirmation or two from the list to give you a boost of energy for the weekend ahead!

Repeat your favorite positive statement multiple times, out loud in the mirror if you can, and even write it down! Feel the magic happen within you!

Friday Affirmations

50 Friday affirmations list

1. I choose to be happy this Friday

2. I am always in the driver’s seat of my life

3. I am grateful for everything I have created this week

4. I always have the power to change my circumstances

5. I become a better version of myself every single day

5. I am confident and courageous

6. I am wonderful and worthy of total happiness

7. I get on well with everybody I meet, even when we are different

8. I have worked hard this week, and I am proud of myself

Friday affirmations

9. I am in control of my reactions to every situation

10. I choose to respect others and they respect me

11. I am excited for a beautiful weekend

12. I have the time and power to be productive today

13. I choose to not obsess over things I can’t control

14. I am fully present in each beautiful moment

15. I am tackling this Friday with a peaceful approach

16. I am curious about the world around me and that is a superpower

17. At any given moment, I have deep breaths to soothe me

18. I see beauty everywhere I go, it is all around me

Friday motivating affirmations

19. Nothing is wrong, I am safe, I am well

20. I trust in the day and I trust in myself

21. Today is a great opportunity to welcome in miracles

22. I am totally magnetic

23. Today I commit to seeing the beauty in every waking moment

24. I give myself permission to wind down

25. I am motivated, even today, the final working day of the week

26. I express myself with ease and flow

27. It is safe for me to make mistakes and still be perfect

28. If I don’t get everything done, I am still kind to myself

29. No matter what has happened this week, I am proud of myself

30. I am always striving to do better and be better

31. I am worthy of the best

32. I am thankful for the most amazing week I have had

33. Even if I have been challenged this week, I still love myself

Friday affirmation about challenges

34. I look back on the week with gratitude

35. Each moment today will be filled with love and grace

36. I lift others up, and I attract people who lift me up

37. Today I free myself from situations that do not serve my happiness

38. Today is a perfect day

39. I am confident in being myself and expressing myself

40. Nothing is wrong, my life is perfect

41. This weekend is going to be the best weekend yet

Friday affirmation about the weekend

42. I commit to spending more time in the present and less time in my mind

43. There is so much power in the present moment

44. Nobody weighs me down with negativity

45. I trust myself truly and completely

46. My heart is full, I am in my deepest expression of happiness

47. My life is glorious and today is a beautiful day

48. I have no regrets, I always learn from my mistakes

49. Nobody else gets to choose what is right for me

50. I am a magnet for supportive and expansive people