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50 Full Moon Affirmations To Help You To Expand

During the full moon, certain things about your life and yourself are illuminated, and affirmations are a perfect way to let go of what no longer serves you. Why not add some uplifting statements to your full moon ritual and experience some magic for yourself. Simply pick the sentences that relate to you and repeat them over and over. Enjoy!

Full Moon Affirmations

50 full moon affirmations list

1. I am in alignment with my soul’s purpose

2. I am manifesting and taking action towards all of my dreams

3. I release out of my life what no longer serves me

4. Everything is crystal clear to me right now

5. My fears are illuminated, I acknowledge them and let them go

6. I release self-destructive patterns

7. I know what changes I need to make and I am willing to make them

8. I know where my attention needs to be paid, and it is being directed there

9. I let go of unhealthy mental patterns that block me from success

full moon affirmations

10. I’m choosing myself and unchoosing anything that doesn’t belong to me

11. I accept my flaws, and embrace my flaws, and strive to be better

12. I’m giving myself my own attention, I deserve this time

13. I am reflecting on my life, how I want it to look, and making amendments where needed

14. It is safe for me to make a different decision

15. I am totally connected to what steps I need to take forward

16. I am worthy and capable of success

17. Wealth flows to me, I am making space for it

18. I have the strength to ask for help

full moon affirmations for inspiration

19. I am brave enough to know where I need to change

20. I give myself permission to completely change my behavior

21. If I feel emotional, it is OK, it is safe

22. It is reasonable for me to take my time in making decisions

23. I trust that my life path will become clearer, the more I listen to myself

24. I am willing to trust in the universe and what is in store for me

25. I am connected to all living things

26. I see beauty all around me, I am grateful

affirmations about the full moon

27. I am creating the life that I desire

28. I am a powerful creator of my life

29. I am deeply passionate about my life and what I am creating

30. I am strong enough to be in my own company

31. I rely on me, I am dependant on me

32. I choose myself, each and every day

33. I trust that life is happening for me and not to me

34. I am in the driver’s seat of my destiny

35. I let go of guilt, sadness, and worry

36. This is a powerful time for me to let it go

full moon affirmations to repeat

37. I’m forgiving myself for any mistakes I have made in this last lunar cycle

38. The beauty of the moon reminds me of my own beauty

39. It is time for me to wave goodbye to relationships that bring me down

40. It is time for me to say no, and be OK with it

41. I am confidently setting boundaries as my energy is so precious

42. I am enough, exactly as I am

43. I am so powerful and I change my life for the better

44. I face challenges head-on and can handle anything

the best full moon affirmation

45. I know what I want, and I’m not stopping until I have it

46. I can see the bigger picture and my place in the world

47. Now is the time for me to stop playing small

48. I am on an exciting journey through life

49. I am letting go of fear and replacing it with love

full moon affirmation about fear and love

50. I am excited to see what I can do next