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50 Happy Affirmations To Brighten Your Mood

Using these happy affirmations is sure to uplift you and brighten your mood. Lighthearted, confident, and self-assured; repeat the words to believe in how amazing you are! Give yourself permission to trust in your own magnificence and choose happiness first!

Pick the ones that resonate with you or make you smile; write them down multiple times a day, say them aloud, say them in the mirror; be consistent and experience the magic!

Happy Affirmations

50 happy affirmations list

1. I believe in myself, how amazing am I

This is a great affirmation for you to begin with, as self-belief is so powerful. Even if you struggle to believe in yourself at first, repeating this affirmation time and time again will work wonders for your happiness. You really are truly amazing, and telling yourself you are each day is well and truly essential.

2. I choose happiness over everything

We love this positive and uplifting statement; it feels so difficult to be happy sometimes, but we suggest using this one to remind yourself that you have a choice. You can always make a different choice, and you deserve happiness.

3. I say no to what makes me unhappy, and a big YES to everything that makes me happy

Setting boundaries is crucial for your sense of well-being and happiness. Sometimes we say yes to things we really don’t want to, and this can actually cause us to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Put yourself first, and say yes to the things that make you happy!

4. My happiness is my birthright

It truly is. You were born to enjoy life and experience magical things. Each time you repeat this affirmation to yourself, it will remind you of just how worthy you are of pure joy and happiness.

5. I am an incredible human being with amazing qualities

A great statement to repeat to yourself to help you remember how magnificent you are. You bring something to the table, and the sooner you believe in your qualities, the happier you will be.

6. I have so much to smile about

There is no denying that life gets hectic and down days are undeniable; however, using this affirmation to bring a sense of gratitude to your day is sure to lift your mood and help you notice the things in your life that make you happy.

7. My life excites me so much, I feel unreal

Turn your light on, think big, and repeat these words to ignite your inner sense of power and get you excited for all the wonderful things you are capable of creating in your life. You are sure to feel an instant sense of happiness when you repeat this affirmation.

happy affirmations

8. When I look in the mirror I smile because I am so beautiful

That you are! You are well and truly stunning, and it is about time you told yourself that. Hating yourself or saying unkind things to yourself about your appearance will do nothing but make you unhappy. Try this instead!

9. What a time to be alive

Although the world has seen some tough events these last few years, now more than ever we need change-makers; people who can influence others through spreading love. Repeating affirmations and getting happy is sure to have a knock-on effect to those around you, and the bigger picture.

10. I love, love, love, me, yesterday, today, now – always!

Yesssss. Self-love is definitely a surefire way to get you smiling from ear to ear. Tell yourself you love yourself with this affirmation and keep repeating it multiple times until you fully believe it!

We hope you are enjoying these beautiful affirmations so far, below are twenty more cheerful sentences that we are sure you will be delighted with.

11. I am ready for the best week of my life

12. Today gets to be fun because I say so

13. I feel pleasure in every moment

14. I light up a room when I walk in

15. People love me, and why wouldn’t they…I mean!!

16. Wow, what a hotty I am

17. I really am creating the most unbelievable life

happy affirmations for inspiration

18. Every day I choose to have fun and not be so serious

19. I’m allowed to laugh, I love to laugh, let us all laugh

20. I release anything that stands in my way

21. I don’t need any blocks now, thank you and goodbye

22. I am surrounded by amazing people who lift my energy

23. I don’t spend any time with energy-draining people, they are not my vibe

24. I don’t need validation from anyone, only myself

affirmations about being happy

25. My feelings are valid, and I express them with loving kindness

26. I am loyal, committed, and devoted to myself

27. The only person I need to trust is myself, and I trust myself wholly

28. There are no limits to what I can achieve

29. Watch me go, I’m destined for amazing things

30. My life is unreal, I am in love with my life

31. I am love, I receive love, I give love, I spread love

32. My smile is infectious and people love to be around me

happy affirmations to repeat

33. I’ve got my back, unconditionally

34. I believe in myself, truly and completely

35. I love working on myself and my growth

36. Money comes to me so easily

37. I am wealthy and rich and I get to treat my loved ones daily

38. I am a magnet for success and pleasure

39. I attract high-vibe people, we create amazing things together

40. I am a deeply interesting person and I am confident in who I am

41. It is great to be me, I love me

42. I don’t allow nonsense, I repel the drama

the best happy affirmation

43. My past doesn’t define me, it has gone, it has no control over me

44. I cry tears of joy when I think about how magical my life is

45. I am loving, honest, real and brave

46. I feel however I feel, it is safe for me to feel it all

47. The highs, the lows, I am here for it all, riding the waves

48. I’m confident and radiant and I glow

49. I radiate beauty wherever I go, people are inspired by me

happy affirmation about beauty

50. I release all expectations I have of other people