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50 I Am Affirmations To Remind You Who You Are

These 50 ‘I am’ affirmations are helpful for you to reconnect to yourself and remember who you are. Perhaps things have been happening that have caused you to forget how amazing you are. Or perhaps you are trying to be a better version of yourself; either way, these are for you. Pick your favorite affirmations and repeat them morning and night; out loud if you can!

I Am Affirmations

50 i am affirmations list

1. I am worthy of my wildest dreams

2. I am magnificent and I deserve everything

3. I am happy, fulfilled, and free

4. I am focused on my goals and my visions

5. I am a joy to be around and people love me

6. I am devoted to myself

7. I am choosing myself, every single day

i am affirmations

8. I am grateful for everything I have created for myself

9. I am a firm believer in myself

10. I am capable of following my gut

11. I am always listening to the whispers of my soul

12. I am allowed to change my mind

13. I am capable of forgiving myself for the mistakes I have made

14. I am no longer holding on to stress

15. I am wealthy, and money flows to me with ease

16. I am dedicated to my wellbeing and health

17. I am making great decisions for myself every single day

i am affirmations for inspiration

18. I am healing, I am working through the challenges

19. I am worthy of a wonderful life

20. I am consistently receiving opportunities

21. I am a pleasure to be around

22. I am a perfectly imperfect messy human being and that is OK

23. I am safe and supported

24. I am in awe of my body and what it does for me

25. I am inspired and excited for life

26. I am totally devoted to my best life

27. I am not defined by negative thoughts

28. I am open to new challenges

29. I am on the right path and I trust it

30. I am attractive and confident

31. I am a magnet for great experiences

affirmations about i am

32. I am here for myself, I trust in myself to be

33. I am a good person

34. I am courageous

35. I am energized

36. I am authentically myself

37. I am in charge of my life

38. I am balanced and I make excellent choices for myself

39. I am smart and I know what is good for me

40. I am magnetic, people love me

41. I am committed to protecting our planet in the choices I make

42. I am resilient, I can get through anything

i am affirmations to repeat

43. I am at peace with my past

44. I am attracting the right circumstances into my life

45. I am generous and giving

46. I am proud of myself

47. I am kind and gentle towards myself

48. I am powerful and in charge of my life

the best i am affirmation

49. I am healthy, my body is pain-free

50. I am excited about my life