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50 Motivating Monday Affirmations For A Productive Week Ahead

We’ve all experienced the Monday blues at one stage or another, and Monday has this collective dread associated with it. But how about you change the story, and use affirmations to enjoy your Monday and set an uplifting tone for the week ahead instead. This list of Monday affirmations is perfect for you to write out when you first wake up; set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, pick 3-5 that appeal to you and write them out 10 times each. Throughout your Monday, continue to say your affirmations out loud, and before you go to bed, write them out again.

It might sound like a lot of effort for a Monday morning, however, why not commit to giving it a go, just the once, and see how much more alive, productive and positive you feel on your Monday! Let’s get straight to the list!

Monday Affirmations

50 monday affirmations

1. What a day to be alive; it is going to be an amazing Monday

2. I’ve GOT THIS

3. Hello Monday, I am ready for you, let’s have some fun

4. I’m motivated, I’m raring to go and I’m excited for the week ahead!

5. I’m exactly where I should be, I am perfect as I am

6. I’m ready to get things done, to have fun, and slay the week

7. This week is going to be the most amazing and joyful week!

8. I give myself permission to take the day slowly, and enjoy it anyway!

9. I’m awake and I’m ready to have a productive day

positive monday affirmations

10. I love and adore myself, today and every day

11. My life is happening at perfect timing

12. I am worthy of my desires today and every day

13. No matter how I feel, I love and approve of myself regardless

14. I’m empowered, I’m in control and I’m going to make this a great week

15. I’m magnetic, I attract abundance, peace, and love

16. I am worthy of the best week, the best life

17. No matter how I feel, I am still enough

18. I am creating the life of my dreams and today is a great day to start

19. I am present, I am powerful, I am peaceful

20. I allow today to happen with ease

21. I release any need to struggle through today

22. I give myself permission to relax, have fun, and smile

23. I am perfectly imperfect, and I love myself

motivating monday affirmations

24. I am choosing to make today a wonderful day

25. There is no need for me to struggle

26. I allow myself to have a beautiful day

27. Everybody I see today loves and adores me

28. I am valued, appreciated, and supported

29. The universe supports me, today and every day

30. Each moment is a new opportunity

31. I am happy, whole, and complete and I love my life

32. I am responsible for my happiness and I’m here for it

33. I deserve my own love, acceptance, and attention

34. If I feel like resting, I allow myself to rest

35. Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me

36. I am in love with my life, and it is still OK to want more for myself

37. I accept myself, my flaws, my quirks, I am perfect

38. Every person I meet, I leave them with a smile

39. I honor my truth, my feelings, and my needs

best monday affirmations

40. Today is a great day to make amazing memories

41. I used to feel Monday dread, now I feel Monday excitement

42. Today is the perfect day to begin again

43. I am allowed to be exactly who I choose to be

44. I am successful, abundant, and wealthy

45. I am motivated, productive, and successful

46. I am obsessed with my life

47. It is safe for me to ask for what I need today; others want to help

48. It is safe to be me because I am perfect

49. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve today

50. I am in control of my own life and my own destiny