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50 Spiritual Affirmations To Help You Connect To Yourself

Affirmations are a great spiritual development tool; saying intentional statements out loud repeatedly can create a massive transformation in your life. Not only in the physical world, but in how you feel about yourself, your sense of self-awareness, and your ability to regulate your emotions.

Choose the statements that speak to your soul and write them down multiple times a day, say them out loud and in your mind, and experience the magic.

Spiritual Affirmations

50 spiritual affirmations list

1. I am pure and my intentions are pure

2. I allow myself to bathe in love

3. I have so much inner wisdom and I share it in the world

4. Everything is happening in perfect timing

5. I trust that life is happening for me, not to me

6. It is safe for me to love my life and still strive for more

7. I am aware when I am being unkind to myself, and those thoughts don’t define me

spiritual affirmations

8. I do not need to hide, the world needs me

9. The more I heal myself, the more I heal the world

10. I uplift others wherever I go

11. It is safe for me to do uncomfortable things as that is where I will grow

12. Not everything that matters is easy

13. I do my bit, not just for me but for the world

14. I approach my life with intention and love

15. I do not buy into the frequency of fear

16. Everything I touch, turns to gold

spiritual affirmations for inspiration

17. I am connected to nature and the beauty around me

18. My energy is precious and it is reasonable for me to say no

19. My opinion and perspective matters

20. I am kind and compassionate to all living beings

21. Whatever I am triggered by, is an opportunity for my growth

22. I am connected to others through love

23. I seek to expand my outlook each day

24. I continue to grow through life

25. I ride the waves of life, ups, and downs, its is all part of it

26. I am compassionate towards myself and others

27. I forgive myself and others

28. Everything is unfolding in perfect timing in the perfect way

29. I am a beautiful soul living a beautiful life

30. I know myself, what I need and I make the best choices for myself

affirmations about spirituality

31. I am open to receiving an abundance

32. I take time to calm myself in times of stress

33. It is safe for me to rest and be alone

34. I am grounded, settled and secure

35. I am being divinely guided by my highest self

36. I truly believe that I am worthy of love

37. I embody a deep sense of inner peace

38. Every situation in my life is working out for the best

39. I am grateful for all of the lessons that life has taught me

40. I am eternally grateful for everything that I have been taught by other people

41. I choose to live my life every day with gratitude

spiritual affirmations to repeat

42. I let go of what doesn’t serve me and my happiness

43. I am a gift to this world

44. I no longer limit myself

45. I enjoy the experience of life

46. It is safe for me to laugh, play and have fun

47. Pleasure is my birthright and I’m here for it

48. There is nothing wrong with anger, and I express it with compassion

49. I am more than my job; I am me

the best spiritual affirmation

50. I am messy, I am human, I am allowed