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Sunday Affirmations To Bring You Peace And Calm

Sunday is known as a day to rest, however, for many, it can bring about a sense of nerves whilst you get ready for the new working week ahead. Use these affirmations to bring you a sense of peace, calm, inspiration, and focus.

All you need to do is pick the affirmations that ignite you the most, and then repeat as much as you can throughout the day; writing them down plus speaking out loud! Enjoy!

Sunday Affirmations

50 Sunday affirmations list

1. I feel rejuvenated for the week ahead

2. I am looking forward to a beautiful week ahead

3. I receive love from every single person I meet

4. The week ahead of me is going to be my best one yet

5. I am grateful for a beautiful weekend and a very magical Sunday

Sunday affirmations

6. I have had a peaceful weekend and I take peace with me into the next week

7. Today and the week ahead is going to be expansive

8. I have so many ideas and ambitions and I’m excited about my life

9. I accept everybody around me, exactly as they are

10. This week, I am going to attract unexpected money into my bank account

11. I put my all into looking after and protecting my body

12. I treat myself with kindness, love, and respect

13. I forgive myself for all the mistakes that I have made

14. This Sunday, I choose to be happy and smiling

Sunday motivating affirmations

15. I am confident and I encourage confidence in others

16. I am somebody who can be relied on

17. I am radiant, I glow

18. Sunday is my day to focus on getting myself in alignment for the week ahead

19. When I am fearful, I trust myself to handle it

20. I fall in love with my life and myself more and more each day

21. I am full of energy, love, and light

22. Today is a perfect day to take time for myself

23. This world is spectacular and I am lucky to be here

24. I find opportunities in every single challenge

25. I have the power to make my life into a stunning masterpiece

Sunday affirmation about life

26. I am open to receiving all of the wealth

27. I become more and more resilient through adversity I face

28. I deserve to thrive, not just survive

29. I keep my heart open to receiving more love

30. I am my own priority

31. I am prepared to make this next week my most amazing one yet

Sunday affirmation about my week

32. I have time to do anything I want to this week

33. I am not defined by the opinions of others

34. I deal with challenges in a calm and gentle manner

35. I am protected by the universe and divinely guided

36. My body is at ease, I am healthy and rested

37. I choose to flow through the next week

Sunday affirmation about choosing to flow

38. I do not attract drama or misery

39. I give everything my all, I do justice to whatever I put my mind to

40. Today is going to be nothing by FUN

41. I no longer let self-doubt creep into my week

42. I begin this day with utmost gratitude

43. I am thankful for all of the prosperity I have in my life

44. I celebrate my day with my loved ones and I am very lucky

45. I am dedicated to my spiritual and personal growth

Sunday affirmation about personal growth

46. I am brave, strong, and courageous

47. I am allowed to say no to anything I want to say no to

48. I am beautiful, charming, and magnetic

49. Today is the very beginning of the life of my wildest dreams

50. I always do my best, therefore I always sleep well