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50 Thursday Affirmations To Encourage and Inspire You

Thursday’s are a great day, almost the weekend, the energy a lot more laid back than the previous days of the week; but if you’re in need of an extra boost, then see this amazing list of Thursday Affirmations!

Choose a couple of positive statements this Thursday, and say them to yourself over and over again, write them down if you can, and perhaps say them out loud in the mirror at any opportunity! Enjoy!

Thursday Affirmations

50 Uplifting Thursday affirmations list

1. The universe supports me every day

2. Thursday is a great day to go after my dreams

3. This Thursday I choose to be happy and free

4. Nothing is worth my stress and wellbeing

5. In a week from now, the minor challenges of today, won’t even matter

5. I am surrounded by love and happiness today

6. This Thursday is going to be my most productive one yet

Thursday affirmations

7. I love today and today loves me

8. I make the best out of every single moment

9. I am a shining light for every person that I meet

10. Each minute that unfolds is better than the last

11. I am attracting unexpected abundance into my life today

12. I have unique gifts and nobody is me

13. Nobody does it as I do, and that is my superpower

14. I am manifesting the day of my dreams

15. I have the power to make today my most wonderful day

16. Love flows to me, I am a magnet for joyous relationships

17. Big things are coming my way right now

18. It is my day to THINK BIG

Thursday motivating affirmations

19. I feel healthy and I glow

20. I take good care of my body and it takes good care of me

21. There is nothing to fear

22. I am willing to do things outside of my comfort zone

23. I am surrounded with love and support

24. People love to speak to me and hear what I have to say

25. I am consciously making an effort to protect the beautiful planet I live on

26. Today is great, and greater days are ahead

27. How magical is it that the best days of my life haven’t happened yet

28. I am attracting in loving connections wherever I go

29. I am a magnet for success and abundance

Thursday affirmation about success

30. I provide security for myself

31. My truth is my superpower

32. I am a gift to this world and to others in my life

33. The day that lies ahead of me is going to be truly magical

34. I flow through the day with ease

35. I am wealthy and prosperous

36. I have plenty of time to get everything done that I need to do

Thursday affirmation about time

37. It is safe for me to relax and enjoy

38. I cannot make a wrong decision, there are only different decisions

39. I accept challenges as opportunities for growth

40. I create my own reality and I’m making it amazing

41. I am perfect, exactly as I am

42. It is safe for me to express my opinions and emotions

43. It is safe for me to feel however I feel

44. It is safe for me to say no

Thursday affirmation about saying no

45. Not everybody gets access to me, I get to choose

46. My energy is precious and I only attract people who respect me

47. I am worthy of peace and love

48. I am capable of amazing things

49. It is safe for me to learn something new

50. I give myself permission to not have it all figured out

Thursday affirmation about figuring it out