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50 Tuesday Affirmations To Uplift And Inspire You

Tuesdays aren’t known to be the most exciting or inspiring of days; not yet the middle of the week, and the tiredness from the weekend still looming! However, these 50 Tuesday affirmations are perfect to uplift and lighten the tone! Pick your favorite affirmation this Tuesday, write it out, say it out loud, speak it to yourself all day and witness the magic!

We hope you enjoy the positive, empowering and uplifting statements!

Tuesday Affirmations

empowering tuesday affirmations

1. This Tuesday is going to be the best Tuesday of my life

2. Today I will not compare myself to other people

3. It is safe for me to be courageous

4. I am worthy of love, kindness, and peace

5. I trust that my body is looking after me

6. I trust myself to say no when I need to say no

7. Tuesday is a great day to smile and laugh

Tuesday uplifting affirmations

8. I am capable of my wildest desires

9. I am a magnet for success and abundance

10. My inner wisdom guides me through today

11. Huge things are going to happen for me today

12. There is no room for boredom in my Tuesday

14. I live a life of ease and grace

15. I am open to learning new and exciting things today

16. My mind is open to the expansion that today brings

17. I am a lovely, and kind person

18. I respect others, and others respect me

19. Tuesday is a perfect day to surrender to the beauty of life

20. My Tuesday is made for expansion and excitement

Expansive Tuesday affirmation

21. The universe has my back today and every day

22. I have faith in myself and my success

23. Whenever I feel like procrastinating, I stop and remember who I am

24. I’ve got it together today and every day

25. I am self-aware, self-compassionate, and self-respectful

26. It is OK for me to ask for help, others want to help me

27. I have so much wisdom inside of me, and it is mine to trust and follow

28. If I can visualize it, it is mine

29. Today is a brand new day for adventures

30. I flow with ease through life’s challenges

31. My emotions change and when I am sad I know it isn’t forever

32. I still have the momentum I need to make it through the rest of the week

33. The opinion of others does not define me

34. I am grateful for my capabilities

35. I surrender to the magical flow of life, especially on a Tuesday

Tuesday affirmation about surrendering

36. I am awake, I am here, I am me

37. I love me, and I’ve always got me

38. Today is another day full of endless possibilities

39. I trust myself to meet my own needs

40. I will not get into petty drama, I don’t attract it

41. I am a magnet for expansive and positive people

42. Each day I receive opportunities that help me to grow

43. I have so much energy and I can achieve so much

Tuesday affirmation about energy

44. My bank balance is growing steadily, I am stable

45. I am creating the life of my dreams, daily

46. I say no to anything that doesn’t light me up

47. I only say yes when it is a full-blown YES

48. I trust the feelings from within, and trust myself to follow them

49. I handle challenges with ease and grace

Tuesday affirmation about challenges

50. My life is wonderful and I am being divinely guided