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50 Wednesday Affirmations To Make Hump Day Incredible

Wednesday is also known as ‘hump day’ because it is the middle of the week, where you’re just getting over the ‘hump’ and on your way to the weekend. For some extra motivation, inspiration, and uplift, pick your favorite Wednesday affirmations from this list and repeat them to yourself.

Write down your best statements multiple times, even on multiple post-it notes around your desk, and watch as you handle challenges and manifest your desires with ease!

Wednesday Affirmations

wonderful wednesday affirmations list

1. Today is the first day of the rest of my life

2. I am excited for today and the rest of the week

3. I have so much motivation this Wednesday and I’m excited for what today will bring

4. Everything is happening exactly as it should be

5. I am attracting optimum health and abundance

6. I am loving, loved, worthy and enough

7. I am powerful and ready to face the day head-on

Wednesday affirmations about being powerful

8. I’m strong, I love life, and I handle it all with grace

9. Everybody feels lighter after they have been blessed with my presence

10. I aim to make the day better for myself and for others

11. It is Wednesday and a perfect day to continue crushing my goals

12. Today is a perfect day to love me harder

13. I have had a great week and it continues on until the weekend

14. I am focused, aligned, and committed

15. I am humbled, grateful, and gentle

16. I am open to exciting and unexpected opportunities this Wednesday

17. My life is full of pleasure and happiness

18. I am led in the direction of my dreams

19. I invest in my health and my body is thriving

20. I give myself permission to be happy and smiley today

21. This Wednesday I am moving closer to the direction of my dreams

22. I am satisfied with my life, and it is still OK to want more

23. I deserve ultimate bliss today and every day

24. Miracles present themselves to me daily

Wednesday affirmations about miracles

25. Today, my creative flow is in full force

26. New visions and ideas come to me with ease today

27. I work hard, and it is safe for me to rest too

28. Wednesday is a great day to have a great day

29. Abundance is my birthright

30. All obstacles are opportunities for my growth

31. I am content, happy, and ambitious

32. I welcome happiness with open arms

33. It is safe for me to love my life and still want more

Wednesday affirmations about loving life

34. I adore my life, I adore myself

35. Nothing phases me, I remain calm no matter what others around me are doing

36. My dreams lead me and I act from a place of love

37. Love always wins, I am always choosing love

38. Wednesday’s are perfect, even if challenges arise

39. The hump day is an exciting day and my motivation is high

Wednesday affirmations about hump day

40. Today and every day, I lift others up and make the world a better place

41. I am ignited, expanding, and growing through it all

42. I am ready to conquer the rest of the week

43. Nothing stands in my way, not even myself

44. I let go of all self-doubt and limiting beliefs

45. I no longer give in to false-negative beliefs that I tell myself

46. I attract peace, flow, and calm

I attract peace, flow, and calm

47. I do not subscribe to gossip or harmful language

48. I am safe where I am, I always have myself

49. I trust myself even when it makes no sense to others

50. Today is a great day to speak my truth