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30 Inspirational You Are Amazing Quotes

Looking for the perfect words to show your appreciation to someone special in your life? These inspirational You Are Amazing Quotes are perfect to send to people!

The images below can be copied and sent over messenger or social media. Browse our list and choose your favorite!

Use the sayings to send to an awesome loved one on a birthday, special occasion, or for no reason at all! This comprehensive collection of you’re the best quotes are an ideal way to inspire someone.

Show a loved one what they mean to you with one of our you’re awesome quotes.

Inspirational You Are Amazing Quotes

1. “You are simply, magically, amazing.” – Unknown

You are amazing quotes

2. “You’re amazing just the way you are”. – Bruno Mars 

you are amazing quote

3. “You are an amazing person with unique talents. Have faith in your abilities.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

amazing person quotes

4. “In case no one has told you lately, you are amazing, strong, brave, wonderful, kind, loved, worthy, and there is no one like you. The world needs you.” – Unknown

you are wonderful quotes

5. “I am so lucky to know the best person in the world. You.” – Unknown

you are the best quote

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6. “In case you have not been adequately informed, please consider this official notification that you are awesome.” – Unknown

you are awesome quotes

7. “This is your morning reminder that you are amazing and you can handle anything.” – Unknown

you are amazing quote

8. “Sometimes you forget how awesome you are. So this is your reminder.” – Unknown

you are awesome quote

9. You are amazing and beautiful, inside and out.” – Unknown

you are amazing and beautiful quote

10. “When I think about you, the first thing I always know is that you are so amazing.” – Unknown

you are so amazing quotes

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11. “Never ever forget, even for one moment, how truly amazing you are.” – Unknown

quotes to tell someone they are amazing

12. “Just so you know, you’re pretty much the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” – Unknown

you are an amazing man quote

13. “You are amazing, you are important, you are special, you are unique, you are precious, you are loved.” – Unknown

amazing people quotes

14. “You are the only version of you to ever exist in the universe. You are great, you are powerful, you are special”. – Unknown

you are great quotes

15. “If I could give you one thing, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you will truly understand how special you are.” – Frida Kahlo

you're the best quotes

16. “I smile when I’m with you, I smile when I think of you. How I adore you; you’re amazing and beautiful.” – Unknown

you are amazing and beautiful quotes

17. “My energy is high when I am around amazing people.” – Unknown

amazing people quote

18. “Thank you for lighting up my world, I’ve never met a guy like you. You are simply just amazing.” – Unknown

you're amazing quotes for him

19. I will always love you, I will always be grateful to be in your life. You’re so amazing.” – Unknown

you're so amazing quotes

20. “You really don’t know what an amazing man you are.” – Unknown

you're an amazing man quote

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21. “Love yourself for the amazing person you are.” – Unknown

you are so amazing quote

22. “If someone asked me to describe you, I’d say you’re amazing, beautiful and unique.” – Unknown

You're amazing and beautiful quotes

23. “You are more than awesome. Girl, you’re amazing” – Unknown

You're amazing quotation

24. “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. Because you are amazing.” – Unknown

Quotation to tell someone they're amazing

25. “What a truly amazing person you are.” – Unknown

Amazing person quotation

26. “If someone asked me to describe you in just 2 words, I’d say… simply amazing” – Unknown

Amazing person quotations

27. “I’ve never known anyone as awesome as you.” – Unknown

you're awesome quotations

28. “Stop comparing yourself with others, because you are just so amazing.” – Unknown

You are so amazing quotations

29. “See your worth, please. Because you are just great.” – Unknown

You're great quotations

30. “You are perfect to me, in every way, you are truly magical and amazing.” – Unknown

Saying to tell someone they're amazing

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